To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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My name is Betul Erbasi.

I am currently a Knowledge Engineer at Amazon and finished my PhD at the University of Southern California prior to that.

I set up this blog because I thought I was doing too much academic writing and wanted to let my muse take charge. So, this site is dedicated to my non-academic writing. I write  mostly short stories, which you can find here, and also pieces on thoughts and reflections about my observations regarding human nature here. I also write short notes/quotes, based on immediate inspirations, here. I write in Turkish as well, Turkish being my native tongue. You can find them here. (Türkçe yazılarımı burada  bulabilirsiniz). I also am part of the author team on Pointlessoverthinking, where I have some thought-provoking discussion posts on daily life issues. 

I used to love writing when I was a kid. Guess what I used to write? Short stories. Dah. I took a long break from it. Like, really long. Around 16 years. But the inspiration was there for the whole time. A few years ago, this built-up inspiration wanted to get out again. So, I re-started writing. After a search for what I wanted to write, I settled on short stories. This did not surprise me given my initial break into writing as a child. So, I guess writing short stories is built in me.

All that being said, my goal now is to discover what I really like writing and develop my skills. Please help me in the process by reading and giving your thoughts. I do not want to block the inspiration and the muse again.

Welcome to my journey!