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Short Story 3: Damn you, rain! Or maybe not. 

The woman felt something on her nose. A drop of rain. She looked up to the sky and it was indeed starting to rain. The weather forecast had not predicted rain today, at least when she left her home in the morning. Therefore, she was not prepared for this unpleasant surprise. That was why she had decided to walk to her destination rather than taking a cab. It would be a nice, pleasant walk under this warm weather, she had thought. But now, the rain was messing up with her expectations.


She started walking faster with the hope that she would reach her destination before it started raining harder.


However, there was one problem: the faster she tried to walk, the harder it started to rain. She thought of getting a cab. But she would get soaked in the rain while waiting for the cab anyway. There was none around. So, it did not make sense. Walking or taking a cab, neither was a better option under this condition. She finally gave up her hope of reaching her destination and found a bus stop to wait at until the rain was over. At least she would be protected from more rain.

She told her friend that she would have to miss the meeting today. She sat on the bench at the stop for a while, still angry at her situation. Not only had she missed the meeting she was waiting for eagerly, she had also got wet all over. Moreover, she was starting to feel cold. She started cursing. A lot. Luckily, no one heard her because there was no one around. This was an isolated place.


At that point, a bird flying through the sky caught her attention. She watched the bird’s harmonious moves for a while and later noticed other birds that were coming to join that one bird. All of them were in harmony. That was beautiful but what really caught her attention was that they were not angry at the rain. They were not supposed to, but that still made her think: Was SHE supposed to get angry like that?


After all, the rain did not have conscious. So, she could not be angry at the rain. Who or what was she angry at? No one. Her anger did not have a target. Also, why was she angry? Yes, she had missed the meeting. But that was recoverable. She could invite those people over later. Yes, she was soaked in the rain. But she could get dry in a short time once she went home. Yes, she was cold but it was almost time for cold season. So, she was supposed to be cold anyway. If not today, tomorrow.


With these thoughts in mind, she stood up, walked out of the bust stop and reached her hand out in the rain. She watched rain drops fall on her hand. She had a pleasant feeling when raindrops touched her hand. She liked it. Her hand stayed there for a while. In fact, a long while. Her hand was tired but she did not care.


Later, she started walking back home. But very slowly. So slowly that she was taking one step in the time she could take three. She did not want to go fast anymore. In fact, she did not have the will to go home after all. All she wanted was to watch the raindrops drop on her nose one after the other while also enjoying walking under the rain. She did that. It was enjoyable. Very.


When she got home after a long time, it was still raining. She was sad to leave the rain outside. But she was also happy that she had made the best decision she could have made that day. That had made today different from the others.