Have you ever thought how boring it would be if we all had the same personality? I have and I am convinced that I would not be interested in the human mind as much as I am today if that was the case. I think one of the reasons why humans are interesting is that we all have unique personalities. Each and every one of us.


I have said in my previous posts (starting with this post here), becoming the best person we can is the ultimate goal of life. But becoming the perfect person is an unreachable goal. All we can do is to try to become better at every step. So, it is the process that matters. And we are all on this process. We are all progressing. That is what unifies us.


But we are all progressing in our own way. Each person’s journey is unique. And our unique personalities are one of the factors affecting how we progress in our journey towards becoming a better person (for another potential factor, see this post).


Some people like surprises. Those kinds of people usually progress though major abrupt steps. For example, they will continue eating very unhealthy until that one moment. At that moment, they will suddenly leave it, never to come back to it again.


Other people like getting used to it. They will prepare themselves for the upcoming change. They will read about what too much unhealthy eating does to one’s body and mind. They will try to have ‘healthy eating periods’ every now and then. In time, these periods will get longer and longer, eventually becoming the default way of life.


Based on my observation of my own progress, I think there might be a third group of people. Those who belong to neither, or both. I can make very sudden decisions and go with them till the end. I have done that many times. But I also have a feeling that, there is hidden, subconscious psychological preparation behind it. That is, I subconsciously prepare myself for a big change. So, some people might combine elements from both groups.


This is just one example of how our personalities may affect how we progress in our journey towards becoming a better person. There are many other factors that might play a role: laziness level, enthusiasm and curiosity are some of these.


Part of this journey is learning how we make progress and take the journey ahead in an appropriate way: we should not go against our own unique nature, otherwise we will not make much progress or it will require much more effort than it should. Once we figure out our way, the rest is probably easier. This is because we align with ourselves and move ahead without much distraction. (I am not there yet, so I am just taking a guess of how that could go).


This leads me to the same conclusion as the previous two posts on this topic: We are all on the same journey, which is the universal fact about us. But we all are at different points in our journey. This is because we all progress differently. That is what is unique about each person.