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The child was laughing heartily. He had been doing that for several hours now. He laughed non-stop as he continued playing games with his toys. Weird enough, though, he did not stop laughing even when he took a break from the games and the toys. He laughed just because.


The man just watched him. Lately, he had been questioning the sincerity of his actions. He had realized that he was not enjoying anything he was doing. He went to work for money. He met people only if that would not mean a waste of time or a stain on his social status. He could not find one thing that he did only because he wanted to. His only daily fun activity was to do exercise, but even that had become a competition. He was no longer enjoying it.


That is why he envied the child. Only if there was a way of enjoying everything in life just as naturally as he did.


He felt beaten by the child. The child was winning in the game of life.


It was cold outside. So, he decided to go to the kitchen and make himself some tea.


As he was making the tea, he listened to the child still laughing. The innocent laugh of the child made him smile.


The water for tea had just boiled when he heard a loud scream from the living room where the child was. He ran there quickly.


The child was loudly screaming and crying. He did not understand what had happened. He asked the child. The child said he had touched the heater and it was too hot. He had burnt himself a bit.


The man helped the child and eventually the child calmed down.


The man and the child sat there hugging each other for a while. Then, the man decided to go back to the kitchen and get his tea.


As he walked back into the kitchen, he knew the child was not winning anymore. Yes, he had the innocence. But the man had the experience. That is how he knew he would not touch the heater.

Now, they were equal.