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The woman felt some breeze on her face in the middle of the night. Had she left the window open? She opened her eyes and looked at the window. No, it was not open.

Then, she felt some breeze on her face again. She looked around. She did not see anything. It was weird.

When the breeze came for the third time, she saw something passing her very fast. She could not see what it was but it went out the window. At least she knew where to look at now.

To be able to see better, she walked closer to the window. She looked out. There was nothing there. She looked up. She saw something up there. Something that was approaching her. She watched it come by. It did come much closer, but it passed by her so fast that she still could not see what it was.

She continued watching nevertheless. This time, she was determined to see who or what that thing was or what it was doing.

After a ten-minutes wait, she saw the thing coming closer again. She watched very closely this time. Now, she could see that it looked like a human. A young girl, it seemed. As it got closer, she could also see that the girl had brown hair, a white top and jeans. She could also see that the girl was swinging. How was that possible? How could she swing in the air?

She looked up and saw that the swing was actually tied to something in the sky. Was it tied to the stars or the moon? She laughed at this idea that popped up in her mind. How was that ever possible?

When the girl came close to her, the girl stopped. In the woman’s room. The girl smiled. The woman was scared.

‘Don’t worry’, the girl said. ‘I am here to take you to the skies, just like you used to imagine when you were a kid. I am the child in you. I am the young you.’

The woman could now see the similarity between her and the girl. She got on the swing and they started swinging up to the sky.