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‘Will you listen to me today?’, asked the girl to the tree.

One of the leaves of the tree moved smoothly as a peaceful breeze went through it. The girl took this as a sign that the tree would listen to her. Just like the way people node.

‘You know what happened today?’, the girl asked. After a brief silence, she added:

‘Of course you don’t. You can’t think. You know what, haha there goes another question for you. Just kidding. It is not a question. I just want to say that I admire you. I think the ability to think is the biggest nuisance for us humans. It is because we think that we get into many problems. If we had not thought through stuff, we would be much happier. I also think that it is because we think too much that we cannot let things go. When I look at you, I see the opposite. You just yield in to whatever comes by. When a breeze touches you, you let it touch you. You do not escape. I think you also stay put because of that. It is our calculation of so many things that keeps us unstable. We just move around, sometimes not even noticing why the hell we are doing it. I genuinely wish I was like you!’

The girl leaned her back towards the tree and closed her eyes. She tried to feel the breeze on her face. It felt nice. She wanted to stay in that position forever.

After fifteen minutes of this silence, she heard some men approaching. She wanted to see who they were and where they were going. Also why they were so loud. But no, they were not going; they were actually coming. They had saws in their hands. The girl got scared. She wanted to run away but then decided that this was not a good move. It would make her look very vulnerable. She decided to stay.

‘We gotta get this one down’, said one of the men pointing to the tree the girl was sitting under.

Then, one of the men started talking to her.

‘Hey! What are you doing here?’, he said.

‘Hmm, I am just sitting.’

‘Ok, go sit somewhere else.’

‘Why? I am good here.’

‘Yeah, go be good somewhere else.’

‘Why are you cutting this tree?’

‘We need wood.’

‘But this tree has been here for years. I always come here. I always sit here. Please don’t.’

‘We need wood today.’

‘You can’t damage this tree. It is my tree.’

She was shouting now. In fact, she started shouting so loudly that some people in the distance heard her and came to see what was happening. The girl explained to them what was happening. People got angry too. The men could do nothing but leave. The girl was crying out of anger and fear. People tried to console her. ‘We saved the tree’, they said. They then left to mind their own businessess.

The girl sat there in silence for a little more while. Then she got up to go. She looked at the tree again and said:

‘I guess there is at least one reason why it is a good thing that we humans can think. This way, we can talk and save you. You can’t even defend yourself.’