Why did the sun have to come up again? Could it not just rest for one day? Why was it forcing him to get back to life? To the things he had to do. Things he was forced to do. To all the rush. Why did it not let him sleep forever?

He lied in his bed, lingering. Turning from side to side. Finding excuses to not get up. Getting up meant exerting energy, of which he had none. Not even enough to get up and sit on the bed, let alone getting out of the bed and do things.

He imagined a life where the concept of energy did not exist. Or maybe a world where energy did not run out. A world in which no one said ‘You look tired’ to anyone. He was tired of hearing this. He was tired of feeling this. He was tired of being tired.

That world also needed to be one in which he could do whatever he wants without being forced. Things that he was doing only because he had to tired him even more.

That was his perfect world. He wanted to be in that world. He wanted to be transmitted to it right here, right now.

He waited in silence. Who knows, maybe something miraculous would happen.

He waited more. That b****** sun was still coming up, yet nothing was happening. No entry to a new world. Not even a change of state of his mind.

He closed his eyes in despair. Desperately wanting to hear an affirmative answer, he kept asking himself: ‘Is there a way to get to this perfect world?’

‘Yes!’, said someone with a loud but weird voice.

Who was it? There was not supposed to be anyone in this house. Was it a thief?

He opened his eyes.

It was not a thief. It was a unicorn standing there right in front of his eyes in his room.

‘Now, we will go to a place where no one ever feels tired.’, it said.

He was suspicious but immediately agreed nevertheless. He was too willing and curious to hold himself back.

‘Hey, that is awesome. What should I do?’, he asked in curiosity.

‘Nothing. I will do it for you. I will take you to a place where you will see what you want to see. That is what I am here for.’

The man obeyed.

The place they arrived at looked no different from his town.

As he was looking around, surprised, the unicorn told the man to do whatever he wanted and promised that he would not get tired.

‘Whatever?’, asked the man.

‘Yes, whatever. You can also go wherever you want.’

The man did not understand but started walking anyways.

He was shy at first. He did not know this world at all. He stopped by a park nearby and walked around it a bit.

Then, he saw a lake and went to sit by it. He ended up swimming in it because the water looked so beautiful.

Then, he saw a mountain and climbed it. He did not even think whether he could. He just did. He did not know how that had happened. How had he not questioned his ability and energy to climb all the way up?! It had just happened. He did not even feel one bit of tiredness either. He wanted to do more now, convinced that he could indeed do anything. Convinced that the unicorn was right after all.

From the top of the mountain, he started flying. He flew to nearby towns first. Then, he remembered that unicorn had told him that he could go anywhere, so he continued further.

After a while, he could not see land below anymore because he was flying over the ocean. He got scared. But he continued.

Then, he reached other countries. He was on the other side of the world and he was enjoying everything he was experiencing. Everything he had always dreamed of; now they were coming true.

But after a while, he ran out of places to fly to. So, he decided to go back to the unicorn.

As he got closer to the town, around the lake, he heard a ringing sound. Very loud. He did not know where the sound was coming from. But he extended his arm at the direction he thought the source of the sound was. The sound was gone. He did not know how he had turned the sound off just by extending his arm, but it had happened. That was what mattered now.

But there was one problem: once the sound was gone, he had started feeling dizzy. He was not able to keep his balance anymore. In fact, he was falling now. What was happening?

As he was fast falling on his back, he saw the unicorn on the clouds. He was ringing a bell, making the same sound as the one before. He was also shouting:

‘Time to get back to the real world!’

He opened his eyes and silenced his alarm. His second alarm today. Now he had to definitely get up and go to work.

He was still feeling tired, but at least now he knew that there was one world where he did not get tired and did everything he could: his dreams.


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