‘Humans are social creatures.’

We hear this sentence a lot, right? It is because we are. By our nature, we need to see people, talk to them and interact with them. We need to feel that people like us exist and they can understand us. They can console us when we need. We need to feel that there are our likes out there that can support us. That can pick us up when we fall.

Do we have them?

Jein (Combination of Ja ‘Yes’ and Nein ‘No’ in German).

Yes, because we have them.

No, because there are much fewer now than ever. In fact, sometimes to such a small extent that it is impossible to have anyone to find emotional support from.

The reason is that life is fast now and we are busy.

So busy that we don’t even have time for ourselves, let alone other people.

The fact that we no longer can make almost any part of our schedule feeds that vicious cycle. Our schedule is all determined for us (I almost want to say ‘against us’) by external sources and that schedule does not include other people. It doesn’t even include a long enough time to eat, a basic need we have, so we end up eating on our way. Eating is no longer a social event.

In the rare instance of having a bit of free time, we choose to sleep. Well, because even that basic need is taken from us. It is not in the schedule. It is considered a burden, whereas it should be considered the most natural need we have.

With that activity of sleeping to fill in the little empty time we have, we are still left with no time for people.

I am guilty of yielding to this forced schedule, as we all are. I don’t want to do it. But I do. I have to.

Because otherwise, I can’t survive in this speed of life.

No one can.

I have a feeling that we are either going to crash bad because of this fast speed or we will adapt to the new system at some point.

For some reason, I feel like the former is happening.

What do you think?