Sam was tired of carrying the food home. It was always the same. Wake up, get together with all the other ants and get out of home. Carry all day and come home at night. All for the sake of surviving.

Sam felt different. He did not want to be part of this boring ritual. He wanted to be free. Free to do what he wanted. Free to experience life.

With that urge in him, Sam decided to explore the hill just at the back of his home. That day, he started everything as usual. He woke up, got together with other ants and got out of home. In the midst of the carrying time, though, when everyone was a bit tired and took a bit of rest, he slid away. To the hill.

As he was climbing, he enjoyed the nice view of his town from above. But he hated the fact that climbing was hard. His feet were starting to hurt.

Yet he continued. He wanted to sit at the top. That was his dream.

And he accomplished his dream. He reached the top and sat there. He enjoyed the view for a while, until he heard his friend Jim scream from below the hill.

‘Sam, there is a human coming. He will step on the hill and kill you. Come down.’

Sam looked at Jim and then at his back. Indeed, there was a human coming. He started running downhill and reached his friend before the human arrived. And they started running away together.

As they were running away, Sam looked at his friend who was now out of breath. He was happy that he was by his side now.

When they reached the town, people were just waking up from their rest and starting to work. Sam smiled at Jim as they both picked some food up to carry it home. Jim smiled back. That was the first time Sam felt his town becoming his home. This feeling would be the only consistent fact about his life in all the years to come. It would be the definition of his personality. It would be him.


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