The sun was bored today. He wanted to stay in and not get out. He was tired of coming out at the same time every day. He wanted to teach all the creatures down on earth to be independent of him to survive.

Yes, this was a good excuse to make.

He reached out to his good old friend, the moon, to tell his decision so he could get his validation. After all, their schedules depended on each other.

‘Hey, can you take over my shift today?’, said the Sun to the Moon.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘I decided that I need to teach the creatures how to be independent. They should be able to wake up without me. They need to be able to get about their days without relying on my coming up.’

‘Why do they need to know that? Why do you need to teach them that?’

The sun had not thought about that side of his excuse. For him, it was just a good cover-up for his reluctance in that it sounded like it was going to benefit others. So, he hesitated.

‘Well, they would be more successful. They would also understand my value better. And your too.’, he said a few minutes later.

The moon, who was smart enough to realize that his friend Sun was just making excuses, smiled. The sun, realizing that his friend Moon was smiling, made yet another excuse:

‘Well, I actually don’t feel that good today.’

This made the Moon smile brighter. His friend was now just piling up on excuses. Proof that the real reason was none of these? So, he asked:

‘Have you ever skipped your job at all?’


‘Then, what is preventing you today? Humans need you; animals need you; trees need you; everything needs you. And everything loves you. They love you for your consistency. And you love your job; we know that. You know that. You are too kind-hearted to torture them like that.’

The Sun had not thought that his absence would torture his friends down on earth. He shamed himself for trading his friends with laziness. He laughed at his naivety and decided to come up for that day too. And for all the days to come. He needed to keep what he was loved for.


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