I used to have a different definition of strong people. In my mind, it used to refer to people who were infallible; who had solved the workings of life and were in perfect alignment with life.

Until I realized that there were no such people.

There were strong people. But not infallible, always-perfect people.

Strong people were those who did fall but did not give up. They got up and tried to continue, despite all their injuries.

And while they continued, they told their experiences to other people so they would not fall into the same traps. And they tried to help them.

Strong people used their falls as an opportunity to keep going and reach out to people.

Then I thought: “Who does not learn from experience and not help others?”

My answer was ‘No one’.

Because everyone is strong.

How do I know this?

I talked to many people.

And when you talk to people in person, they open up.

Then you know what everyone is experiencing behind closed doors and you admire their ability to keep going despite all that happens to them.

And when you talk to people in person, they also talk to you. They want to understand you so they can help you.

So far, I have not seen one exception to this.

That is why I am confident to say that everyone is strong. There are no weak people. There are just people who we have not talked to yet.