Response to Prompt by Diana Wallace Peach


He had been walking in the empty streets of this strange city without a specific place to go since he had landed on the earth. This was a strange place. It was dark. Too dark. The moon did not seem to do its job of illuminating that well here. His hometown was not like this. There, the moon shined.

He was not used to being in the dark for that long. He continued walking to see if there was any sight of light. But he had failed to see one so far.

‘Poor humans’, he thought. ‘It must be hard to live here.’

He walked around the tall buildings and did not catch a glimpse of the light he was looking for there either. The light was not hiding behind these buildings either.

With that last failure, he thought he should give up on his quest altogether. It was not worth looking for something that apparently did not exist. So, he started walking back to his arrival location. ‘My spaceship should still be there’, he thought.

The moon was finally giving its way to the sun that was coming out from its behind.

Yet, he was boarding on his spaceship to set out for his journey back.

If only he had waited just a little bit more.

He would have liked the earth better with its light.


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