She did not remember how she had fallen into this well. All she could remember now was that she was walking in the forest. She remembered walking into a part of the forest with fewer trees. She had seen the well there. She was out of water, so she had thought it would be a good idea to go and see if the well had any water.

Had she leaned too much below? Was that why she had fallen? She did not know.

However she had ended up here did not matter. What mattered was finding a way to get out of here.

She tried to climb up on the walls, but she fell in each attempt. There was not enough to hold onto on the walls. The most she could climb was half way up. The other half was impossible to get through.

Then, she started shouting with the hope that someone would hear her.

Her screams turned into violent cries as she lost hope of getting anyone to hear her. Apparently, this was not a place frequented by anyone.

She sat in the well and cried loudly.

Not only could she not find water here but she was also going to be lost forever.

She had lost everything.

She cried more. And more. And more. Loudly. More loudly.

In the midst of her cry, out of nowhere, she remembered that she had a rope with a hook in her backpack.

She opened her backpack with the hope that she was remembering correctly.

She took the rope out.

The climb with the rope was not too difficult and the walk back home was accompanied by a sense of relief. The tears now were those of joy.

‘How funny’, she said to herself. ‘I got the solution with me all along.’