The baby was not sure what this new place was. Sure, it was much bigger than his previous home. But it was too big for him. He could not see the end of it. It was scary.

Not only that, there were some big creatures here. Big creatures that looked like bigger versions of him. They looked powerful. But they looked frightening.

The baby was scared. He started to cry. He cried his heart out and wanted to go back to his smaller, original home.

But it did not happen.

So, he continued crying.

Still, nothing happened.

Eventually, he stopped.

Soon, he was in the arms of one of those big creatures. Other big creatures handed him over to this one. It was as if they were throwing him around. He felt scared.

When he was in the arms of that creature, though, something smelled familiar.

When that creature started making noises, something sounded familiar.

He was home.

The arms of this creature were home.

He continued smelling. He continued listening.

Yes, this was definitely home.