Those annoying kids. They were always up so early and always played in the streets with their full volume up.

Today was no different. They were running after that stupid ball. Oh, how she wanted to cut this ball apart and teach those kids a lesson!

She always thought of doing that, but was never able to do so. She wondered why she just did not have the guts for it. Why was it so difficult? Just go out, shout and cut the ball. Not difficult but difficult.

As she was in the midst of thinking all that, the ball hit her window. She stood up right away and walked angrily to the window.

She looked at the kids and saw how they were watching her anxiously.

This was it. She walked to the door and was ready to shout at all of them and cut their balls.

She got out.

But she did not shout. Her voice did not come out.

She walked to the kids and picked their ball up with the intention of cutting it apart.

But she dropped it after the memories of the days when she was the star of the school soccer team rushed into her head.

She went back home.