‘Hey, do you want to grow now?’, said the red flower to the grass next to it.

‘I am already grown. Don’t you see?’, said the flower.

‘I don’t. You don’t have leaves like me and you are colorless.’

‘I am green. Not colorless.’

The grass was offended but did not say anything else. Luckily for that day, the flower stopped talking, but only after he said all the crap and made a facial gesture that the grass did not like. But whatever.

Days went by and the flower still asked the same question at times, getting the same answer from the grass. He just did not understand and he was also annoyed because he did not get the answer he was looking for.

Thinking that the grass would never say something that would help him understand, the flower decided to ask the same question to one of the butterflies that came around once a week. Maybe they would give the answer.

And that day came.

The flower was excited. Once the butterfly sat on him, he went ahead and asked the same question:

‘Why is this grass not growing?’

The grass looked at the flower sideways, annoyed.

‘Oh, it is.’, said the butterfly.

‘But not everything is a flower. You are but he is not.’

‘Oh, he is not a flower?’

‘He is not.’


‘And not everything grows like you do. Everyone’s nature is different.’

‘Oh’, said the flower, surprised to learn that not everything was like him.