‘I am tired’, said the brain to the heart at their nightly meeting.

‘So am I’, said the heart.

But something was forcing both of them to work harder every night. This was a strange thing that had started a few months ago. They were wondering what their master was up to. They were obeying his instructions but they were also getting very tired.

‘How long do you think we can do this?’, asked the heart.

‘I don’t know. It looks like I have to send these images to the owner. I received the instructions for that.’

‘Yeah, I know. I received the instructions to send the feelings. Oh, I am getting a bit tired of sending stuff all the time.’

‘I know. He has also been asking me to send a lot of images, words, thoughts. I am also very tired. I wonder where this will stop.’

This conversation did not last any longer as both the brain and the heart got to work. They worked very hard that night. Like every other night. They were only able to relax a bit towards the end of the night. But they knew this would not last long. The day was about to start. And the day was not easy either.

This went on for a few more weeks. They did not know how, but their master started to ease up a bit. They got fewer and fewer jobs each day, ultimately reaching their regular job schedule.

Would the master do this to them again? They did not know. But as the hopeful servants they were, they decided to trust the master with all they had. The master would not harm them, right?