This story is a response to the May Speculative Fiction Prompt by Diane Wallace Peach


It has been a long time since I started feeling this weird thing in me. I am becoming more ruthless. I started feeling less and less empathy for people. I am not sure where this is coming from, how it started, why it started. But it sure freaks me out. Not feeling sad for a kid who fell and hurt was not my thing. Now, this has become my usual reaction. Or rather, I have become reactionless. Heartless.

Sometimes, I still feel some pity for people and whenever I feel this, it makes me happy. But then, I remember the other times when I do not feel this and become unhappy again.

I think about this change in me all the time. Maybe I should not. Maybe I can sit down and just watch a movie and relax. Maybe I am overthinking this.

Hmm, what movie should I watch? This one about the robotic people seems interesting. Should I watch this one? Hmm, yeah. I normally don’t like these kinds of movies but this one seems attractive. So, let’s see.

The movie is about people slowly turning into robots. Slowly here means every month, a part of their body turns into a machine, gradually turning them into robots. As they become robots, they become less and less empathetic and lose emotions.

Could this be happening to me now? Am I really becoming a robot? What can I do to prevent it? Should I force a cry? Should I fall in love? I don’t know what I should do. Do you? Have you ever lost your feelings?