Hi everyone!

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for a second time, so we go.

I must start by thanking Saba Niaz for awarding me and making me this happy:) Visit her blog here:

She has such nice content, short and sweet, very much from her heart. She is one of a kind.

So, let’s start with the rules.



1 :Embellish your blog with the shiny logo. I copied this from Saba Niaz. 

2: Give a bunch of thanks to the blogger who nominated you. Did it already, but I can do it a million times. Thanks Saba!

3: Answer the 11 questions you have been asked. Coming soon. 

4: Give this shiny honour to other bloggers. I will leave this open. Anyone can claim it. 

5: Ask 11 questions. Will do. 


Questions Saba Niaz asked:

1: what do you think of my personality?

Selectively talkative, sociable, over-thinker, I like people and places. 


2: Do you take stand if someone is abusing someone regardless of any so called difference?

I believe we are all the same. I in fact wrote a few posts on that (my earliest posts). One is below:

So, I would want to defend anyone who is abused, regardless of their “differences”. 


3: Write a short humorous post?

I would definitely skip this one if this was not compulsory. But let’s see. 

Well, I have a big sweet tooth. But guess what I don’t like eating:




Ice-cream and cakes and maybe even chocolate. 

What do I eat as sweet then? Can you guess?

(Hint: The best sweet for me starts with c).


4: How long does your habit support your nature?( nature is who you are, and habit you adopt from nurture).

In my case, they are mostly in sync. My upbringing fed my original personality. 


5:(a): what did you do with your Eidi in your salad days? Have you had any memory of your salad days Eid?

b: what would be the level of your excitement for Christmas eve in your salad days? Have you had any gift back in your childhood? (If you celebrate a different event from them, then share your memories of it).

I will skip this one.


6: Paper books or e-books? why or why not?

E-books, I guess. I don’t know why. I don’t like hand-writing but I like type-writing. Same goes for reading. 


7: Have you remember your experience in primary school ( grade 1to 5)?

Well, I have a few. In one, my teacher called me in and asked me why my stories were so dark. I still don’t know why they were. But he thought this was an issue. (Maybe it was, I still don’t know). But in this story, what makes me happy is the fact that I used to write stories even then. 


8: What do you do for energy saving?

Sleep. Hands down. 


9: your occupation is your passion or profession?

Both, I guess. I love languages and it is my job:)


10: would you like to share your bitter experience in life?(If any).

Now that I mentioned a situation in primary school. I was ‘slightly beaten’ in the hand by my teacher because I was getting everyone to run around. I didn’t like the feeling of being bitten. 


11: What is the level of satisfaction for you?

If something serves a greater purpose, that is what gives me satisfaction. I


12: Don’t you think I don’t deserve this award…

You definitely do deserve it! That is why you got it. 


My Questions (anyone can answer):

  1. What do you want to achieve with your blog?
  2. What is one thing that irritates you the most?
  3. What is one thing that makes you the happiest?
  4. Do you dance? If you do, what style(s)?
  5. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
  6. What is the funniest thing about your personality?
  7. Are you a people’s-person? Do you like hanging out with people?
  8. Who do you admire the most?
  9. Do you think world peace is ever achievable? If so, how do you envision this to happen?
  10. What is one thing you can’t do without in a day?
  11. How much ‘me-time’ do you have in a day?