She closed her eyes. She did that whenever she felt overwhelmed.

Why, she wondered. How did closing the eyes help?

She did not know why or how. She just knew what.

So she was curious.

When she closed her eyes, she could still hear all the noise around.

But the voices would disappear later, not in the reality of the universe but in her reality.

They would disappear into the depths of stillness that she was drawn into.

How was it that they would be muted in her mind, such loud noises, when they were actually not muted at all in real life?

Closing her eyes was muting them. How was it doing it?

By doing that, how was it helping her in times of huge stress?

What was the relation between eyes and ears?

What was the relation between eyes and the mind?

Why were eyes capable of closing, but not ears?

Why were eyes so important and crucial?

Good questions, she thought.

But not everything needs to be answered right now, she added to her thought.

She just kept her eyes closed. All she wanted to do now was to act on what she knew: the what.