She rushed forward with her coffee cup in her hand. Some people were walking way too slowly, as if they had nothing to do. As if anyone had nothing to do.

Well, even if they really did have nothing to do, why would they prevent other people like her, who wanted to do something for the world? They were getting in the way of progress.

They were not doing huge data analyses like her. They were not saving a company like her. By saving the company, she was contributing to progress in her field. If the field did not progress, a major contribution to humanity’s advancement would be barred.

See, she was saving the world and these lazy people were not.

She felt validated.

With that push she got from her logic, she rushed further. She was close to her office now, so she had to push a bit more.

Ah, yes, there it was. Finally!

Just as she arrived in the front of the gate, she stopped and looked around. Something was telling her to turn the other way and walk away. The voice was so strong that she obeyed it. She turned around and started walking away.

She was still walking when she realized what was really happening. And she was walking very slowly, just like those people she disliked a few minutes ago.

Yet she felt validated.

So, she slowed down even more.

For the first time ever in her life, she felt life energy flowing through within her again.

As if she had just been born.

She had found the source of life in herself. Not in the goals she had been pursuing for years.