Just like any other morning, I went to the kitchen when I woke up. With all the willingness to see you there as usual.

My mind tricked me because I thought I saw you there. Maybe you had not gone anyways. Maybe I had made myself miserable for nothing for all this time.

But soon it became clear that you had left the places you always loved. Or I thought you loved. Your presence was no longer a part of my life.

I could not accept this. I was used to seeing you every morning. You would always be there at this time, making breakfast for both of us. Now it was just emptiness, where you always stood.

I wanted to go back to bed and start from scratch again, hoping that this time you would appear in front of my eyes. But I did not. I just continued to walk to where you would be now and just stood there. If I fit in your space, then maybe I would fill the emptiness you left in my life with myself. I made the breakfast and sat on your chair too. Again, I filled your spot. I put my clothes in your closet too. So yes, I filled another spot of yours.

Wherever you would be, there I was now. Maybe that would help me fill in for you in my life. Maybe that would help me bring me in my life.