The day had finally come. He would meet people from the best years of his life after so many years. They had promised to meet 10 years after and today was the day. The day had come just in time, because otherwise he was feeling very lonely in this whole world. He did not have anyone anyway but for some time, his dreams had accompanied him. Now they were gone too. He had no one in his life nor his dreams.

But he decided to try again today. When he woke up earlier than he planned, he stayed in his bed rather than rushing out and fixed his gaze on the ceiling. He let images to pass through his mind.

He saw himself running with the people he was going to meet. They looked like in the old days. As teenagers, they had taken to a running schedule. He remembered himself running out of breath easily those days. He was not used to this at all. He was in it only because his friends were. They ran and ran, laughing and talking as they did so. Then the fun he had had at those times became clearer to him.

To this day, he was still running on a schedule. The same schedule.

His mind also gave him the image of what used to happen after the run. When everyone was out of breath and was quickly grasping water. They also used to pour the water from their bottles down their heads, every time. He loved those scenes.

That was still what he did after the runs.

When that image was still on his mind, the one where he pours water down his head, the alarm went off. He smiled briefly. He had actually met his friends already in his mind. Apparently, they had left the memories to replace them while they were away. But he was still excited to meet them.