Was there a way to ask the sun not to come out today? She just wanted a little bit more sleep. Just a little bit more rest. She had a really busy week. But she needed to push one more day. Just one more day. So, she got out of the bed.

As she was brushing her teeth, she tried to make plans for the weekend. She tried to come up with something exciting to do. But all her plans ended in sleeping. All she could imagine was a scene when she got as much sleep as she wanted.

‘Another boring, sleepy weekend then, eh’, she said to herself.

She got dressed and approached the door. There were some noises outside. Some kids were shouting. Who were these kids? Maybe the grandchildren of her neighbor. She listened without opening the door. She heard one of the kids laugh his heart out. She envied him. When was the last time she had an actual laugh? She could not remember.

She opened the door. She saw the kids running around in the building having the best of times. She checked the time. She had an extra 10 minutes. So, she decided to do something she had not done in years. She decided to talk and play with the kids. She started chatting with them and she found herself also running around in the building. She was not even aware but later her neighbor told her that she was also laughing her heart out.

Maybe the sun did the right thing by coming out.