The town had changed quite a lot. It looked nothing like in his mind. A soulless house stood where they would play everyday. Just that grey, tall and cold type of building. The streets they conquered were now in the hands of cars. That is why the kids were nowhere to be seen. What if they got hit, right?

He headed towards the mini-market they got chips from. Maybe, it was there. Maybe, it stood against this change. Maybe. Now, this curiosity, this expectation made him walk so fast that he was practically running.

There it was. The market did not look the same but there was still some market. That was good. So he walked in. There was some young boy. He walked towards and asked:

‘Is Dan here?’

‘My father? He is at home. He does not come here that often.’

‘Can I visit him?’

‘Who are you?’

‘I used to live here as a kid. I bought a lot of chips from here with my friends.’

‘I will call him and he will come here. You can take a seat there. What was your name?’


He waited for an hour or so and there was Dan. He could not hide his excitement and just ran to him and hugged him. He held the hug for so long that he could feel all the disappointment leaving him. He had one last piece of the memories. At least one.