I am still on a break because I am still traveling (in fact, I am sitting in a cafe in an airport now). But travel always inspires me, so I could not help but write a little something. Enjoy!


She loved it all. All the things she had seen and experienced and all the things she would see and experience. She was thankful for all. And yet, something felt wrong. It felt as if there could be a better world somewhere. A world where that wrong could be right.

Years ago, she had imagined a big world for herself. The whole world would be hers. She would have a life in which she would go to places and experience all she could. She would interact with all the people she could. And she had achieved that to a certain extent.

And yet there was something missing. What was wrong?

She had noticed this missing thing a few years ago. At first, she did not pay attention to this emerging realization because she was enjoying all so much and all looked perfect. But the emptiness continued to get bigger. Now it had become so big that it was impossible to ignore. It occupied her mind more than ever.

The thought that occupied her mind was that she wanted her world to be smaller now. She wanted it to be as small as it could get. Now she was imagining a world with just a few people around. A world where she would stay put. A world without noise.

What had changed? She did not know. She had an idea, though. As she took another sip from her coffee watching people in a big airport, she mumbled to herself:

‘Maybe I just left myself behind when the world opened to me and that self is catching up.’