Hi everyone!

It has been a while and I truly miss blogging. Well, I took a break from it because of travel. So, I thought I would just summarize my summer briefly because this summer was the peak of the amount of travel I made ever in such a short time. This is different from my usual posts, but it is a wrap-up of the summer and the start of a new academic year for me (and yes, our new year starts in August, not in January).

Now, it will look like I travel all the time. I do not. It is just that multiple things had to happen in the same small time frame. Anyways, let’s start.

As you may or may not know, I live in Los Angeles, California and my parents are in Turkey. So, I visit them every summer. So, I did that for about ten days in May.

After that, I went to Cologne, Germany, as a visiting researcher for a research project. This visit was meant for last year, but it did not happen because of visa issues. But I am glad that I went there this year because I stayed longer:)

When I was in Germany, I studied during week days and traveled at the weekends. Here are some pictures from various cities in Germany. Starting with Cologne, of course. I think Cologne is my favorite German city now:

Here are some from Boppard, Koblenz:

And some Berlin:

In the meantime, I also visited Amsterdam, my ever-favorite city:

Then, I came back to Turkey for about 3 weeks and went to Seoul, South Korea for a conference:

I came back to Turkey and a week later, my family and I went on a vacation to a city I have always wanted to visit: Bodrum, Turkey. And oh man, it was a vision. Here is some:

Now, the only travel left is that I will go back to LA and will have a very dense two-three months. But I gathered some energy.

That is it from me:) Please also share how your summer was, if you wish to do so of course!