The sun was up but that did not mean anything to her. Everything could go as they wanted. She would stay where she was and not participate in life just survival. So she stayed in bed to encourage this mindset she had just got.

For a while, she just watched the ceiling. Then, she got bored a bit and tried to sleep. That took a while too, and only for an hour of sleep. She still had the rest of the day to survive. She wanted to do something, but also she did not want to do anything. It was weird.

As she was trying to figure out what to do in this kind of a situation, she happened to watch a video just on that. Then, she followed up on recommendations and watched related videos for another hour. Then somewhat-related videos for another hour. Then unrelated videos for another hour.

When she got out of the bed finally, she was feeling determined to live more and survive less. Two hours of related (or somewhat-related) videos had helped. But that was for today. What would happen tomorrow? She did not know. Would she watch videos for three hours again? Hopefully not. She needed to find a quicker and more consistent motivator in herself. But she did not have it now so videos would do for now.

Hint: She got tired of watching videos and they did not have the same impact on her after a while. So she started applying what was told in the videos. That helped better. Then, she started inventing her own motivation. That helped even better. Now she makes videos.