The day could not have gone worse. He had missed the three two alarms, so it had started late. When he was making a toast for himself for breakfast, he had just wanted to go and check up on his mails. As he came back home, he smelled something burning. And there had gone his toast. He did not have much time and he was angry too. So, he grabbed a granola bar and got out.

The train was not cooperating that day either. First, they said it was late. So, he waited. Then, they said it was canceled. He left the station cursing. Now he would have to pay for the cab. He did. He had no choice.

He knew that the workplace would not be kind to him today either because one of his colleagues was absent today. That would leave more work on him. It did. He got tired by the lunch time and he wanted to eat. But he realized he had forgotten his lunch in the rush of the morning. Luckily, a colleague shared his, but he felt bad. He promised to take him out one day in return. They agreed on Wednesday.

When work had finished that day, he felt terribly tired. He knew the train was still not operating. So, he had to take a cab back.

He finally arrived home and put his bag down and just sat down on the floor. He felt his tiredness in his bones. After minutes of sitting, he went to kitchen and made his favorite tea for himself. Nothing went wrong this time. Peace and calmness were in that tea. Not far after all.