She always thought she felt things more than other people. When she was a kid, she always thought that everyone felt the same. She felt as part of her community. As she grew up, she started realizing that people do not understand her. She started feeling less and less belonging. She was moving away from everyone else. Now there was no one left in her world.

One day, she sat down and started thinking. What was it that she felt every day, every moment? That no one understood? It was not sadness. It was not emptiness. What was it? She could not find an answer and went about her day. But the question did not stop bothering her. Each time it came, she forced it to go. She did not want to think about a question that did not have an answer.

She loved taking walks in the park near her apartment. Today, the sky was cloudy. Cloudy days were the days that triggered these feelings the most. She closed her eyes and sighed. The question was on her mind again. Apparently, she would be stuck with it for a longer while. Oh well.

She walked longer than usual and started walking home. On her way back home, one word came out her mouth. That was it. That was the feeling.