She did not like the apartment today. Everyone had left and she had woken up to emptiness. The noise had left, along with the joy it had brought. She had got so used to waking up to people talking that she had not noticed how much she had liked it and how much it had been a part of her life.

So she stayed in bed. She turned right and left but she was not sleepy at all. So she had no choice but to get up. She walked to the kitchen to make coffee for herself. And again, she was struck by how empty it was. There would be people preparing breakfast if today was just yesterday.

She made her coffee regardless. Then she sat down and started drinking the coffee. As she was doing it, she also started looking through the news and then watched some fun videos. This way, she wanted to distract herself and also maybe cheer her up a bit. After the coffee finished, she decided that it would be best for her to start her work. And so she did. She did not have anything to do today, at least not urgent. So, she would just do some work and rest a bit. This is what she did it the whole day.

When the evening approached, she went out to the balcony to watch the sunset. The sunsets made her reflect on her day. She liked them for this reason. Today, she would do the same.

As she did that, she realized two things. First, it had been a very productive and restful day. It was the opposite of what she had expected it to be. She did not feel sad, devastated or alone. Second, she realized she could not have felt alone anyways. Well, herself would never leave her alone until death break them apart.