She thought she had heard a noise of something dropping in the bathroom and went to check it. No, there was nothing. It was her imagination. Her desire to have her cat around made her hear and see things that did not happen. All of these things were what the cat would have done if he was around. She still felt his presence very strongly, yet she needed to realize that he was not there and would not be. She was starting her decision that the cat needed a better home because her life would destabilize. She did not want the cat to suffer in loneliness as she traveled constantly. She could not have taken him with her all the time either.

And yet, she missed him. She missed him so much that she was still seeing and hearing him around her apartment. How much she would want him to be here right now.

As she was having these thoughts, her bell rang. Who was that? No one came to visit her. Hesitant, she walked toward the door and checked who it was that came. And she was surprised. The cat and the new owner. She opened the door and hugged the cat tight. The cat let her for a few minutes and then pushed her away and went to his favorite spot to sleep and groom.

The new owner told her that the cat just did not want him at all and would bite him and run around the house aimlessly. He was too afraid that the cat would jump out the window with this behavior, so he decided that he would not get along well with him. It had been two weeks and yet nothing had changed. Clearly, it was not working.

She went and hugged the cat again. Then she said: ‘Well, I guess we will be together for life’.