‘Would you like some more tea?’, the waiter asked.

‘No, thanks’, he said, wishing that the waiter would not come back. He wanted to be alone. He took out his notebook and started taking some notes. Or so he seemed so as to make people think that he is busy. He did not want anyone to talk to him. He sat there for an hour, pretending to write. But he was still as unhappy as when he had left home. Getting outside of home had not worked.

He then decided to take a walk. He walked randomly for some time. He was still sad. Nothing was working. He sat on a bench on the sidewalk in despair. He put his head in his hands, head down, and sighed deeply. He did not even know why he was unhappy. Just then, he felt a child touch him. He raised his head and looked at the child. The child was offering his chocolate bar to him. He smiled and refused the chocolate, saying that he should eat it. The child insisted, so he took it. The child smiled and he smiled back. He felt happier.

Sometimes, all it took to bring happiness was a chocolate bar and a smile.