The last couple of days had not been good for John. Not because he did not accomplish anything. On the contrary, he was having some of his most productive weeks recently. But his emotions were not in their best times. It felt like they were locked in a room and trying to get out. They were shouting behind the door with the hope that someone would hear them out. That John would hear them out. John indeed hear them, but he did not have the key to open the door, so he was helpless, waiting for someone to help him.

On a day when he felt relatively less busy, he decided to go to the beach half an hour away. He hadn’t been there in ages.

When he arrived at the beach, he sat on the sand nearby the waves and watched them. There was something special about the sound of water-he had always found peace in it. But this time, there was something else in addition to the water. Each wave that came took some of his emotions away with them as they went away. With each wave, he emptied the locked room a little. When the room was empty, then he found the peace. Now, the remaining few emotions were having a great time in the empty room, running around, hitting each other and shouting and laughing. Luckily, he had taken his notebook with him. He took it out with the intention of noting down the words shouted in the room. The locksmith had done it again.