Today was the big day. Julie had not seen her friends for a long time and they had finally managed to arrange a meeting. As she was getting ready, she thought back to the days when she met her friends every day and spent hours with them. Long gone were those days. She was curious to see if she could revive those feelings today.

When the meeting time came, she got even more excited and happy. She was the first to arrive. She wanted to arrive early so she can get used to the scene and could act more normal. Then, her friends started arriving one by one. With each friend that came, Julie felt transported to a different time zone. As they recalled their memories together, she got even a better feeling that she was in a different time zone now.

Then they started talking about their lives now. Then, a sudden feeling of sadness covered Julie’s body. Things had changed. They would never be like before again. They were not in the same place everyday anymore. Their lives had grown apart. How could she not see that before? She knew it, but until today, she had not understood it. Today was the day she had faced the facts.

As she walked home after the meeting, Julie decided to drop by the coffee shop she frequented every day. She sat there in silence. This was her life now. Her friends were not there. Her self was. And it would always be. That was life.