For all his life, he had wanted to find the person that would share his heart’s innermost secrets. Because that was his goal, he had formed the habit of finding people and opening up to them, each time thinking that that person was the person. So far, all that he had opened up had gone in vain. They had been misunderstood and misused. His heart was crying in despair and yet he could not do anything.

This last one. He was sure that this one was really the one. It was so different. The connection was much deeper. His heart felt happy.

But then again, all that he opened up went for nothing.

And then again, his heart was crying in despair.

And then again, he could not do anything.

As he walked down the street, he promised himself one thing. He would no longer look for a person to open up his heart’s deepest sensitivities. This was apparently not helping. Rather than understanding his heart’s feelings, he was adding more sensitivities to it by doing this. This seemed to put a distance between his heart and him. So, from now on, all he would do was to let his heart talk to him. He had not tried that. Maybe this would work. Maybe now, his heart’s deepest secrets would find the right channel. How could it not be right? He was his heart’s home. And home always feels right.