‘Do you want some more tea?’

‘Yeah, sure. Thanks!’

Kathie was having some issues at the work place recently and Jill was her main supporter in such times. She had always been. She would always come to her place and make some tea whenever Kathie felt bad. Kathie did the same when Jill felt bad too.

As they drank their tea, Kathie talked about her problems at work and Jill tried to give helping suggestions. Then, the conversation took its natural turn to bigger questions about life. Kathie always asked herself whether she was doing whatever she was supposed to be doing whenever she had problems at work. Jill tried to support the hypothesis that she was because she wanted to do it since her childhood. For both, this part of the conversation about life was more intriguing than talking only about problems and suggestions.

‘Maybe’, thought Kathie to herself, ‘maybe that is why I like Jill. She understands life.’