She was bothered by an unknown, indescribable feeling recently. It followed her wherever she went. She wanted to escape it when she went for walks, yet it was there. She thought she would get a rest from it when she slept, yet it was there: in her dreams. She met people to cross it out with the fun, yet it crossed out the fun.

She had lost hope.

Today, she had also walked and slept and neither had worked. She woke up and stayed in the silence of the night on her bed. She was desperate and did not know what else to do. She wanted to scream, but there was no one to hear her. She wanted to talk, but there was no one to listen to her.

In this desperate situation, a tear dropped onto her cheeks. Then came another, then another. Then sounds of desperation accompanied the tears. A feeling of relief took reign inside and she slept like a baby.

For all these days, she needed not a walk, nor sleep but tears. Tears to clean inside.