He grabbed his coffee and sat down to write his story. He had had the idea when he was walking back home. He needed to write it before he forgot it.


“The tree had been on that spot for all his life. He had watched so many people pass by him. Sometimes, they would come and sit with their backs leaned on him. He liked it. Sometimes, kids would play around him. He was always there.

He had a good friend, water. He seemed to be sleeping. He wished he would wake up now. Oh, and he did!

‘Hey, what’s up!’

‘I am good. Missed you tree.’

‘I did too! Hey, I got a question for you. I have been thinking about my stability, how I am in the same place all the time. You always move. I want to be like you for some time. How do you do it?’

‘Really? I always admired your stability. I am all over the place. You are not.’

‘Really? Do you think we can exchange, then? You become me and I become you?’

‘Not really. I think we should stay as we are. When I am too much all over the place, I like the fact that I can come to you and find the stability I want to see. And I am also sometimes stable. Like now, I can stay and talk to you.’

‘And when I see activity, I watch you. And also, it is not that I don’t move at all. My leaves and branches move a lot.’

‘There you go!’

‘There we go!’”


As he wrapped up his story, his wife walked in. She was the tree and he was the water.