‘Oh, so these are the humans that were talking all the time with me’, said the baby when he arrived in this world. But there were others he did not know the voices of. Too much crowd. He didn’t like what he saw. He wanted to just lie down, as he always did back there. He wanted to go back, but he could not. So, he started crying.

Then, he felt soft hands and cheek. He remembered this smell. He paid a bit more attention. Oh, he knew this smell. This was the smell of his bed. So, he stopped crying. Apparently, they had brought his bed with him. That was good.

Just as he had locked eyes with his bed, he felt another soft hand touch him. Was that another bed? Would he sleep even more? Yay! The second bed started talking to him. He knew this voice. ‘Ok, dude! I will take you as my bed too. Don’t worry!’ he said.

Then, the two beds started talking to each other. The second one kissed the first one. Then, it kissed him. It felt good. Then, the first bed kissed him too. This also felt good. ‘How does one kiss?’, he thought to himself. He would have to learn this.

Now, when he looked back at the few moments in his life, he knew that he had learnt a lot. Now, he knew that he had more than just a bed.