She woke up with deep breaths. She had just had a bad dream. This had been her habit now. Her dreams had turned from fun and joy into chase scenes. She was the prey all the time. She did not know what she was being chased by.

Today, the dream had hit closer. Now, the predator was in her room. She had hidden under her bed but he had found her there. She had luckily woken up when the predator reached out to catch her.

She watched the empty ceiling for a while, thinking about what these dreams were about. Having no answer, she went to wash her face.

She would at least be free of the predators during the day. So, she tried to forget about them. But when she opened the door to get out, she saw one of the predators walking away. How was that possible? Would they now visit her during the day as well? Were nights not enough?