There it was! It had managed to stay the same all these years. Not one change. The colors of the building were the same. The garden looked the same. The children, even they seemed the same. This school had marked his childhood years. This was where his roots were. He had become him in this building and this garden.

As he walked around the garden, he remembered the times when he would run around in the garden aimlessly and joyfully. He had taken a bad fall right there. He remembered how much he had cried. But then, he had continued the play as if nothing had happened. He missed those days.

When he reached the building, everything still looked the same. He imagined himself running to class because he had gotten too engaged in play and forgotten about the class. The teacher had sent someone for him. In his mind, he was running.

He ran now too. Just to imitate those times.

When he reached his class, he went and sat at his own desk. The classroom was empty now but he imagined the teacher and his friends. It was a joy. He was constantly talking to his friends and the teacher was not happy about it. But he was. Finally, he agreed to take out his notebook and take some notes. He could see that this made his teacher happy.

As he started taking notes, he heard someone say:

‘Would you like anything, Sir?’

‘No, thanks’, he said. He just wanted to continue his story. Where were we? Oh yes, he had started taking notes…