She had always dreamed of this day. She was no longer a loner. She was paired.

The wedding day had gone well. Too well, in fact, considering what her friends had told her: on  wedding days, everything was expected to go wrong. But they had not. She interpreted as a sign that her unfortunate life was ending. Finally, she was going to be on the good side of life.

But all through her wedding, she was surprisingly feeling detached. It was as if someone else was getting married and her old life would not leave her.

Little did she know that her feelings had never been more correct. Her old life would indeed stay with her.

It would take her a few years to figure this out. It would cost her disappointment, unhappiness, some mental distress and loneliness in the pair.

Then, it would take her another few years to come to some peace with her old life. At this time, she had given in to it and accepting. This would cost her disappointment that her life had not worked out the way she wanted but it would also give her some hope.

Only after all these years would she see the real bliss of marriage.

For now, she was just trying to enjoy her wedding, ignoring the weird feelings she was having. She put a smile on her face. Maybe that would save the day.