He sat on his couch, unable to stay still. His mind was over-occupied with the prospect of losing his job. He even rejected his son’s offer to play. It hurt him, but oh well. Today had not been a good day.

His eyes fixated on the wall.

His right leg was moving up and down nervously.

His teeth were grinding.

What would happen now?

His wife walked in after God-knows-how-many-hours. He was still in the same place, doing the same things.

‘What’s wrong?’, she asked.

‘Go away!’, he yelled.

She kneeled before him and said:

‘Something is wrong.’

‘Leave me alone!’, he replied.

Then, he fixated again.

It was a couple of hours later that he got out of the room. He walked into the kitchen and found his wife there. He asked if there was any food or whether he should order some. His wife said there was some. So, he sat down and they ate together. The son was there too.

The man smiled at his wife and son. He did not say anything. Just smiled. It would not help yelling at them and sulking. He had better spend his remaining few paying days happy. He would deal with consequences later.