She took a deep breath. She listened to the silence. Normally, she would play something from her phone to avoid this silence. But today, she decided not to. She was noticing that she did not like playing something random in the background all the time. It made her brain tired. And tired for no purpose. But she still continued because she did not like silence.

As she went through her daily routine, she could feel her brain relaxing. She also felt happier. She made some coffee for herself, sat at her table on the balcony and just watched and listened. People were rushing around, kids to school, adults to work. Cars were trying to make it through the traffic. Stores were just opening. The bakeries had a long line in front of them.

She watched all of this until the last sip of her coffee. She actually sat there for some time after that too. Then, she went in, got to her bed and sat on it. She closed her eyes. Now, she wanted to listen to her brain. She sat in utter silence. Phone on silent mode. TV off. As her brain eased into this utter silence, it started playing its own movie. She saw herself in beautiful, relaxing places that she had never been to. She went from one place to another. She watched this movie till the end. Then, she opened her eyes, slowly got up and went to the kitchen. It was time for breakfast.

Who knew there was so much sound in silence?