As he opened his eyes in the morning, he felt his body drowned back to the bed. He felt so tired that his eyes did not open. Even his fingers resisted any kind of movement. But it was time to get up, so he forced himself to get up.

To no avail. His eyes shut without his permission. His body sank to the bed even more. Just as he was about to get completely into sleep, he opened his eyes with one forced sudden move. He needed to get out. He had rarely slept that much in the morning.

But his eyes stroke back. They got heavier and heavier. His body sank more and more. Finally, he was getting into deep sleep. Whatever he needed to do that day, he decided to screw them all. He let himself into the all-encompassing arms of sleep.

He slept for a few more hours. He checked his phone after he got up. There were 20 calls. What had he missed today? He checked his schedule after he got himself together a bit.

He then faced the sad fact. He had missed the meeting that would promote him in his office. One for which he had been waiting for forever. One for which he had worked until late at night today.

‘Well’, he said. ‘You got me there, sleep. Now, give me more of you.’