She watched people walking around, trying to catch up to their flights, as she sipped her coffee. She was going to be one of those people now, but her flight was delayed. So, she had the time to come to this café, get her favorite coffee and do her favorite activity: watch people being themselves. She always felt very inspired by people when they were themselves.

Everything was going smoothly until she heard some screams from a table on her right. She turned her head to that side to see what was going on. A couple was fighting.

‘How come you don’t tell me they were also going to be there?’, shouted the woman.

‘It is not a big deal. I had already booked everything when they decided to come to the same place for vacation.’, answered the man.

‘God, I hate them! You should have told me.’

‘I am not comfortable either, honey. But we just need to do what we want to do.’

‘This is going to be very uncomfortable.’

‘Trust me, it is going to be ok. I will make sure that we don’t see them.’

The woman hit the table with her coffee cup and got up with anger. The cup was broken; the coffee was all over the table and the ground. The man got up to comfort her, but the woman pushed him away. He gave her a few minutes to calm down. They sat together and ordered new coffee. The woman was calm and the man was happy now. They both knew this would not be the best vacation ever, but they both decided to embrace it.

She noticed she had gotten tense from their fights. She tried to relax by getting another sip from her coffee.

‘I guess watching humans be humans is not always a peaceful experience’, she said to herself. ‘But it is always interesting.’