She had been thinking about making a big change in her life. She wanted to leave everything and go find herself a new path of life. She had in fact even decided to do that some time ago.

And yet, the habits she had formed made her decision a weak one.

She was still questioning it at times, despite knowing that change would be for the better. Assuming she had 40-50 years more to live based on the average life-span in her country, the change that she was thinking of could make her spend a better rest of her life.

And yet, there was also the fear of the unknown that she would get herself into.

Today, however, something happened that made her feel stronger in her decision. At an event related to her current profession, she felt distanced, overwhelmed and perhaps unattached. These feelings made her contribution less informative as well. She did not do as well as she had hoped for.

And now, she took these as signs that her decision for change was a good one. And she was thankful that she was reading these signs.

Now, onto the next phase of life.