To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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5 thoughts on “Habits are Harder to Form in Adulthood?

  1. Habits from my childhood have been good for me in the most part, meaning some were bad. I agree habits do seem to be harder in adulthood. I find it hard to break habits formed in childhood as an adult. With my personal experience.

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  2. Very true indeed! Awesome work! I remembered one of my childhood hobbies is to write occasionally (not always). And during that time, because of my quite good results from all my writing assignments, together with the pride gained for my family and teachers, there was a time when I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I just write everyday so as to not waste my talent? So I made it a habit but this was proved wrong, when I struggled with coming out with fresh, inspiring ideas, and this hobby faded away too quickly which gave everyone, including myself a shock. And like you, I decided to give myself some break, and to only write when I feels like it, and it turned out too well. Now I regained my hobby, and I’ve changed my habits to take close notice to any small things happening around me, and that almost never fails in giving me new insights for continuing my hobby.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! That is a great example! I had a similar experience in writing. Even now, I take breaks for a few weeks every now and then so as not to lose my writing skills. It works!

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