Her life was not that interesting. It had never been. But she was a writer and she would make it interesting. She had decided to write her life down and publish it as a book. Today was the second week of her attempt.

Gillian got her coffee in her hand as usual, walked to the window and sat down on the couch there. She opened her laptop and started writing. Today she was going to write about how she had fallen out with her best childhood friend.

Her friend, Kaitlin, was angry that day. She had come to the class. Without talking to anyone, she had sat down and looked blankly at the board. Gillian had asked how she was at the break and had got a pure reprimand. Next break, the same thing. Next, the same. Gillian had given up. She wished things had stayed as it was at that point, but she had heard some girls talking about a secret of hers that only Kaitlin knew. Oh no, Kaitlin. Please don’t tell me you told this.

Next day, it became clear that Kaitlin had told everyone. What a shame. That day, Gillian had decided to never forgive Kaitlin.

Until today.

As she was writing her life and thinking about this issue from Kaitlin’s perspective, she was now able to see that Kaitlin was mostly reacting to her previous wrong-doings. Gillian had had two really bad years at that point and Kaitlin had stuck with her always. But she had at times told Kaitlin off in public because she had anger issues. Kaitlin had always helped with her homework. And she had never acknowledged her help.

The day of fall-out, Kaitlin had also broken up with her boyfriend, so had heard Gillian. Her resentment towards her and the sadness of the break-up, Kaitlin did not know what she was doing. This, Gillian could see only now.

Gillian wanted to see Kaitlin again, but how? She did some Google search, some Instagram search and she finally got a hold of her. She wrote to tell her what had happened today. Also how a writing practice finally helped Gillian see the value in her.